Write Engaging, SEO Optimized Website Content in 9 Simple Steps

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writing seo optimized website content

Writing engaging, SEO optimized website content is an art, not only do you need to have a killer headline to draw your readers in, great content that keeps your readers engaged and persuades them to keep on reading, but it also needs to optimised for search engines too!

Here are 9 steps to help you to start writing engaging and SEO optimized content for your website, blog or online shop.


1.    Have a killer headline

We all know the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” well unfortunately when it comes to website content, most people will judge if something is worth reading, just by its headline!

Having a killer headline is by far the most important part of getting your content read.

It is the hook to the fish, so to speak, so make it juicy!

Making your headline stand out from the crowd (and let’s face it, the internet is a very crowded place) gives you a much better chance of getting yourself noticed!

How can you write a killer headline?

  • Offer a benefit to the reader – what will they get out of reading your article?
  • Play on the emotions of a reader – use adjectives such as effortless, essential, easily, amazing, etc
  • Include specifics such as numbers/lists/  time frames / why, what, when or how words
  • Include your most important keywords (NB: there is more information on keywords in step 5)

Some examples of killer headlines

1. (keyword = chicken curry)
“How to make the most amazing chicken curry in less than 30 minutes”
NOT “chicken curry recipe”

2. (keyword = achieving healthy glowing skin)
“5 secrets to achieving healthy glowing skin that will make you look 10 years younger”
NOT “How to get healthy glowing skin”

3. (keywords = key website pages)
“9 key website pages that are essential for success”
NOT “pages to include on a new website”


Once your reader is hooked (with that killer headline you’ve written), your job then is to keep them engaged and never let them get bored!


These next tips will help you succeed at this:


2. Make it easy to read

People get put off with huge chunks of writing, it looks daunting and tiresome!

So make it quick and easy to read by doing the following:

  • Separate different topics using subheadings
  • Keep sentences to no more than 20 words
  • Keep paragraphs to no more than 70 words
  • Keep one whole page to no more than 250 words
  • Use lists and bullet points where possible

By sticking to these rules, your writing will be easy on the eye and also easier for your reader to scan too, which in turn will help them to gain the key points from your content.

An easy to read layout also helps to achieve SEO optimized website content, as search engines value content that is well structured and easy to navigate.


3. Keep it appealing

Amazing website content needs to be written in a way that constantly keeps your reader engaged and each point you make should naturally lead onto the next.

Don’t save the best points until last, if you do then it’s likely you will lose your readers interest before they even get there!


4. Sell Benefits rather than features

Benefits sell, Features bore.

This is especially true if you are writing with the intention of selling a product or service.

Tell the reader what they will gain and what’s in it for them?


  • How will it make them happier / richer / healthier
  • How will what you’re telling them make their life better / easier / simplify a problem etc
  • How will it solve a problem they have


Examples of features vs benefits:


Automatic restraint system,
front and side-impact airbags.
Protect your family with advanced safety features that give you full peace of mind that even the smallest passengers will be protected in an accident.
Toothpaste removes 80% of surface stains. Stand out from the crowd with a bolder, brighter designer smile.


Throughout your website content, offer frequent reminders of the benefits the reader will gain.


5. Know your call to action

Know what your call to action is and keep this in mind as you write your content. 

Do you want the reader to sign up to your newsletter, call you, make a purchase, download your brochure etc

Ensure that throughout your content you are leading the reader towards this call to action, and make it easy for them to achieve. 

Provide “call now”, “subscribe now” or “buy now” links to go alongside your content.


6. Keep it simple

No one wants a load of waffle (unless it’s the Belgian type, yum!) so to produce amazing website content, keep your writing simple and to the point!

Try and stick to the facts and be objective with them. 

Using the following summary words can help:

  • Who (who will benefit?)
  • What (what will they benefit?)
  • When (when are they going to gain the benefit?)
  • Where (where will the benefit be seen?)
  • How (how will they benefit?)

Make sure that every word you write is moving the reader forward towards a solution. (which will typically be completing your call to action.)


So far you’ve learned some key tips for writing engaging and appealing website content, however you can get all of that spot on, but if your site can’t be found in a search engine, then it’s never going to be seen!


Here are a few tips to achieve SEO optimized website content and get your hard work ranking top in search.


7. Keywords

SEO optimized website content needs keywords!
(These are the main words or phrases that your reader would type into a search engine when they’re looking for something.)

Decide what your most important keywords are (ideally no more than 2 per content piece)

This handy tool from Google can help you to decide which keywords you should use in your content 

Once you have chosen your keywords you will need to ensure you include the main one in your heading and then constantly weave the keywords into your writing where appropriate.


8. Links

If possible you need to add at least 1 internal and 1 associated external link to your website content, this helps a search engine to find your site and build your websites reputation.

Also, the more your site can be associated with other sites, the better. For example adding a link to your page on different business directories, community group pages, social media, etc 

By adding these links and making connections with other websites, it will make your page easier for a search engine to find you as it trawls through the masses, as well as help your reputation grow.


There is one last important step you need to take before you share your amazing content with the world;


9. Proofread

Your amazing website content isn’t going to be so amazing if it is full of spelling and grammatical errors. So always proofread, and once isn’t enough!

As a minimum, you need at least one other person to proofread your work. 

You could get your friends and/ or family to read through it, however, it’s advisable to hire a professional proofreader who is experienced in spotting errors and suggesting any edits that may be needed.




I hope these 9 essential tips for writing engaging, SEO optimized website content have been useful to you.

If you would like any further support in writing amazing website content then please get in touch

Here at GetPro can offer you competitive SEO packages and website content writing services.

We would love to help you and your business thrive.




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