Choosing the best Web Design Agency for your business

Choosing the best Web Design Agency is vital if you wish to grow and have a successful business.

Getting your business online will help you spread the word about your business, you will find new customers and strengthen your relationships with existing customers.

Getting online could include creating a Social Media page, adding your business to multiple local online directories and obviously having your own professionally designed website that meets all your business needs.

You could attempt to do this yourself, using the various free website creating tools available out there; however, these free websites are extremely limited in what they can offer you. Plus if you want to see a return on investment from your website you really need an expert who knows how to maximize your online presence.

So how do you choose the best Web Design Agency for you?

1. Have a clear design brief

When making initial contact with a web design agency you will need to provide them with a thorough design brief of what you want to get out of your site.

This will include information such as;

  • Background information about your business?
  • Who will visit your website?
  • What are the goals for your website?
  • How do you want the site to look and feel?
  • What content do you want to include?
  • Any particular features you need?

Ensure you provide the agency with as much detail as possible so that they can understand what it is you are after and then come back to you with their proposal.

Also, it’s important to note here, that whilst you may have an idea of your website goals and the features you require, it is wise to listen to the Web Design Agencies’ suggestions as they may know of better ways to achieve those goals.

Our blog “How to write a Website Design Brief in 10 easy steps” goes into this in greater detail

2. Do they have relevant experience in your industry sector?

Have a look at their portfolio of work and see if they have worked with a company that is similar to yours before?  This could be quite important if your business is very specialized.

Also, think about whether you like the style of work that they have previously carried out.   Have they got a proven track record of helping other businesses succeed?

3. Can they help your business grow?

Decide what your goals and objectives are for your website and see if the Design Agency will be able to meet your needs.

Maybe your long term goal is to have an online shop, have an online booking form or even create a mobile app to go with your business?

Can the Web Design Agency offer these services to you?

What extra services can they provide that will help your business grow?

For your website to be noticed online and for conversions to be successful, you will likely need some extra support. When choosing the best Web Design Agency for your business, check if they can offer you the following services;

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to help your site get listed in Google
  • Advert campaigns
  • Social Media support
  • E-mail Marketing campaigns

4. Do they speak your language?

You will be working very closely with your Web Design Agency, so it’s important that you can build a good working relationship with them and have trust in the services they deliver.

Do they:

  • Fully explain the services they offer and how they will help your business?
  • Have good communication and will respond to your queries quickly?
  • Understand you and the needs of your business?

5. What aftercare services do they offer?

Once they have created your perfect website, what ongoing aftercare services do they provide?

To keep your site up and running efficiently you will need web back-ups, site updates, and site security. You may also want regular reports to show you how well your website is performing, especially if you are paying for SEO services or advert campaigns.

6. Does their proposal meet your budget?

It is important that you have realistic expectations when it comes to setting a budget for your website.

An expertly-designed website with well thought out extras is worth every penny when it comes to the return you will get from your investment. So don’t cut corners in this area.

Do some research and compare quotes from a few Design Agencies, however, ensure you know exactly what you are getting for that price and are comparing their services like for like!

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